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Class Two have been very busy this term. We visited the zoo and

have been learning all about animals. Our favourite song is Old

MacDonald and we love singing everyday. We have created some

lovely art work of animals and of course Valentine’s Day, St. Patricks

Day, Mother’s Day all happened during this term also. Now as Easter

is fast approaching and we are getting to bake some Easter nests

and count some eggs.

We have also been very busy preparing for our First holy Communion

as three class members will be making their First Holy Communion

in May so it is all excitement for their big day. We visit the church

often and are learning all about the ourselves and the world. We

made some beautiful portraits of ourselves using different


We went for lovely walks to the Park and the playground and even

managed to have a picnic a couple of days when the sun was

shining. We also went for social outings to the shop, restaurant and

playcentre. We are looking forward to summer and some more sunny

days so we can get out and about!

We wish everyone a lovely Easter holiday!

Room 2 are revising all they have learned throughout the year. We are still practicing our transport vocab using Lamh and enjoyed a trip on the bus to the shopping centre during the week. We are also gearing up to participate in our sports Day happening next week and enjoying getting fitter and stronger each day! We are looking forward to our end of year school trip and hope to get up and close to some farm animals. We will have our sunscreen and raincoats at hand J Have a lovely enjoyable summer holiday everyone.